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The editor of Spacemax and Scoudly is happy to present his new game : A breakout clone which is different with level editor... TRY IT!
python> 2.6
tkinter (apt-get install python-tk)

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BallSpace - 4.6 - Oct 20, 2013 account Comments

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August 15, 2011 7:47am - Tommi Helander - nickname: (eddix)
Works well with both of my python installations (2.7 and 3.2)on windows, as well as with 2.7 on Linux (Mageia). I have a thing for breakout-style games, and those penguins are great! The editor seems nice, even though I haven't had time to play around with it much yet.
July 10, 2011 10:44pm - Zachariah Callaway - nickname: (xzcallaway)
A .deb package of Ball Space is available for download at
June 18, 2011 3:06pm - Maxime - nickname: (spacemax)
Thank for your feed back. I'm trying to do my best with what i know about python and pygame : ie not many things !
the way is yet long...
June 17, 2011 12:01pm - Zachariah Callaway - nickname: (xzcallaway)
It's fun, It's Graphical, It's Unique, It sounds great, It makes me laugh.

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