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Map Editor

Map Editor - 0.1.1

Westley Marti­nez (anikom15)



Map Editor is designed to be mostly language and library agnostic. The maps are saved as JSON data and do not contain any actual image data. Image loading is left to the developer to do as they see fit.

Note that this program should be considered alpha. Features may be added or removed and the API may change significantly in the future.


  • Maps are built up out of square tiles sizeable up to 256 px.
  • Changeable viewport for working with multiple resolutions
  • 'Blank' tiles
  • Multiple maps can be opened and edited at the same time
  • Support for sprite sheets

Visit the website for more information.


The map loading bug has been fixed. This involves a slight change to the ANIMAP format. If you have used 0.1.0, please read example.animap to see what needs to be changed.

PNGs will now show up in the palette for versions of Tkinter that support the format.


Home Page:


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Map Editor - 0.1.3 - Nov 19, 2013
Map Editor - 0.1.2 - Nov 19, 2013
Map Editor - 0.1.1 - Nov 17, 2013
Map Editor - 0.1.0 - Nov 16, 2013 account Comments

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