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Micro Tetris (5 lines)

Micro Tetris (5 lines) - v.0.2c

Sean J McKiernan (mekire)



If you are a beginner seeking code examples to learn from, please don't even look at this; In fact I apologize to the programming community as a whole.

Note: For anyone not clear on the concept here, this is a line crunch that exploits every method available to put as much code on a single line as possible. This includes semicolon abuse and ternary chaining abuse. One cannot simply put the entire program on a single line as some seem to think you can; you can only chain simple (non-compound) statements using semicolons.

5 lines, 1.66KB.

An almost functional Tetris program.

Escape to quit, arrows to play

Abusing ternary expressions so badly they wish they had never been PEPed.

Please forgive me,



Down to 5 lines and 1.66KB. Changed blocks to sexatrigesimal (base 36). I think this is about the limit of line-crunching and boy is it getting ugly.


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Micro Tetris (5 lines) - v.0.2c - Mar 13, 2013
Micro Tetris (5 lines) - v.0.1 - Mar 12, 2013 account Comments

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