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Miner - 0.9

Marcus Møller (marcus)



Notable features: * Randomly generated Moon surface using, well, the random-module. * Destructible environment, much like Minecraft in 2D. * Menu system. I made up a rather quick and dirty menu system, but it works just awesome and I like it. Originally planned features * Another planet in the background - doh! I wanted it to be a pixelized version of Earth. * Procedural moon landscape. I wanted the player to be able to dig as deep and explore as much of the Moon surface as he wanted to. * Better gameplay. I should have worked better on the core ideas of the gameplay. The game can be challenging, but it will be repetitive in the end. Closing thoughts I am happy that I finished the game and did my first PyWeek! That's just great. There are plenty of things I would have done differently, however. First of all I probably shouldn't have been off-the-grid for 5 days of the challenge. I also now know that it's very important to rethink your gameplay/challenge before starting the programming. The challenge was great, however. And I enjoyed it!


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Miner - 0.9.1 - Dec 13, 2013
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