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PyBoids - 1.0

Heiko Nolte (heikonolte)



To use install Python 2.x and PyGame API. Implements more or less the boids algorithm introduced by Conrad Parker under Use left mouse button to set a target the boids have to chase. The right mouse button sets an obstacle the boids are trying to avoid. The file boidViewMod ist the entrypoint to the boid demo. It's used to render the boids on screen using the PyGame API. The file boidSwarmMod implements the boids algorithm. In vector2DMod a 2 dimensional vector with basic operations is implemented.


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PyBoids - 1.0 - Aug 1, 2010 account Comments

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August 2, 2010 2:44pm - Kacper Zuk - nickname: (kaz) - 4/5
Really nice!
I think you can make vector class simplier, something like this:
Then u can simply code like:
a = Vector(10,15)
b = Vector(1,13)
c = a*2+b/2
Btw. you've inspired me to do something similar, but I think my rule2 is broken ^_^

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