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PyEdu is an educational program that I have written for my daughter of 4 years, it's addressed to children in pre-school age (from the 3 years in on). The scope of the program is to teach, through amusing and being involved activities some simple slight knowledge like counting, recognizing the numbers and letters, the sounds of numbers and letters, to use mouse (movement, click, double click, drag & drop).
Moreover there's some game oriented activities (games that however implies the use of the mouse and of the keyboard) like jigsaw, mr. potato, coloring book.
The code is not very well commented and clear, and this is my first attempt to make something usefull with python, I'm searching for someone that want to partecipate with graphics / sound / programming.


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December 10, 2006 12:22pm - Kevin Cole - nickname: (kjcole)
How does one find this game? No author or link to the actual homepage of the game.

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