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Arroows - 0.4.2

Hoyohoyo9 (hoyohoyo9)



The plan for Arroows is going to be a game where you can interact with npcs, build buildings, fight monsters, and interact with the randomly generated world. Right now Arroows is in pre-alpha, and in heavy development If you want to help code, we're in desperate need of coders! Visit the website for info on how to contact me :D


Added Lakes!


Home Page:


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Arroows - 0.4.2 - Jul 31, 2012
Arroows - 0.4.1 - May 12, 2012
Arroows - 0.4 - May 5, 2012
Arroows - 0.3 - Apr 29, 2012
Arroows - 0.2.1 - Apr 23, 2012
Arroows - 0.2 - Apr 22, 2012
Arroows - 0.1 - Apr 16, 2012 account Comments

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August 17, 2012 3:22pm - Alex Elliott - nickname: (sonicarrow)
Agreed. I use VMWare Player instead of VBox, but both work. Also, Linux ISO's are free, they just may take a bit to download/install/etc.
August 14, 2012 1:19pm - Xandar Kablandar - nickname: (eternalcheesecake)
Yes, I play using Kubuntu Linux. Just so that you know, any Linux OS can be tested easily using a downloaded CD image and Virtualbox under Windows.
August 5, 2012 2:57am - Hoyohoyo9 - nickname: (hoyohoyo9)
Thanks for the support Alex :D

I'll try to make lakes bigger, right now the size is very, very random, but I'll see what I can do :)
August 2, 2012 4:28am - Alex Elliott - nickname: (sonicarrow) - 3/5
Looks very good so far - keep going!

One suggestion is make the lakes bigger, and have less of them.
(suggestion made purely on aesthetics, not game practicality or anything)

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