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Artillery Duel Reloaded

Artillery Duel Reloaded - 0.61

Jean-Francois Gagnon (jfgagnon)



Artillery Duel Reloaded is a remake of the classic game "Artillery Duel" for C64 released in 1983 by Xonox. The goal is to provide similar gameplay, but with upgraded graphics. ** A decent computer is required in order to play without noticeable lag ** At the moment, the game is playable, but still unfinished. A lot of things, including computer AI, have yet to be implemented. This game is being developped mostly to learn object oriented programming, so most of the code is a mess, for now at least. ** Warning: this is a demo version, so the game may crash unexpectedly **


Improved performance


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Artillery Duel Reloaded - 0.61 - Jun 2, 2010
Artillery Duel Reloaded - 0.6 - Jun 2, 2010 account Comments

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June 6, 2010 9:00am - Jean-Francois Gagnon - nickname: (jfgagnon)
Thanks for your comments.
Computer AI is almost done and will be included in the next version, along with a couple of bug fixes.
June 4, 2010 2:57pm - josmiley / Luke spywoker - nickname: (mutualaccount) - 5/5
well done.
June 2, 2010 6:48am - Enrico Kochon - nickname: (enno)
a little bit slow, but nice physics.

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