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Ball Fight

Ball Fight - 1.1

Davide Zagami (zahami)



In this game you have to destroy as much enemy balls as possible by colliding with them, or using special powers. Each ball raises its own resistance and its own attack power when it speeds up. So the faster you go, the more you are protected against enemy attacks, and greater becomes your attack power against enemy balls! This is valid for your enemies too! See the ingame help for more details.


I recently decided (after more than 4 years) to tinker again with my old Python projects, and Ball Fight was the first that came to my mind.

- The game is now divided in levels with specific enemies per level, instead of being completely random. Powerup spawning is also adjusted according to the current level. There is still a good element of chance, though.
- Changed resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768 to accomodate for the new level based interface.
- Black holes are now animated, and behave slightly differently; there is a small period of 1-2 seconds where the black hole just opens and doesn't show any gravitational pull. They don't spawn before level 8.
- Removed SuperPlanet enemy and replaced it with a Rocket enemy.
- Other minor (mostly invisible) fixes and changes.


Home Page:


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Ball Fight - 1.1 - Oct 7, 2014
Ball Fight - 1.0 - Sep 18, 2010
Ball Fight - 0.9 - Sep 14, 2010 account Comments

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October 7, 2014 5:27pm - Davide Zagami - nickname: (zahami)
I think v1.1 will probably be the final version of the game, since i'm planning to delevop in C++/SDL/OpenGL.
*Maybe* i will port this project to C++ and keep developing it. Or not.
March 17, 2011 7:56pm - Zachariah Callaway - nickname: (xzcallaway)
A .deb package of Ball Fight is available for download at
October 1, 2010 8:09am - fecub - nickname: (fecub) - 4/5
you have written an nice game, it's funny, i hope for new versions and for new features!


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