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CityMan Project

CityMan Project - 1.0 Beta

Peter and Kevin (peterandkevin)



Email us with comments and bugs at Press the up arrow key to walk into the house. Go to the side of the window to swich areas.


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CityMan Project - 1.0 Beta - Jul 3, 2010 account Comments

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July 10, 2010 8:10am - Peter and Kevin - nickname: (peterandkevin)
We actually meant to leave the 'print' in at line 46, else the acorn wouldn't stop when it hits his head! (If you have any ideas about how to fix this, please let us know.) As for the sounds, we will decreace the volume soon, for right now thought, can you lower your speaker volume? We would welcome any ideas for optimizing our code.
Thank you,
July 4, 2010 12:47pm - miezebieze - nickname: (mieze)
Okay, first put Your data in a folder and put this folder into a .zip archive. The sounds are way to loud, and You forgot to remove a 'print' at line 46, that spam'd my terminal.
Otherwise You did well and I have some ideas to optimize the code, but first I want a cookie! :3

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