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Disk Field

Disk Field - 1.01

Jeremy (tigga)



Winner of PyWeek #5 individuals catagory.

Navigate the disk to the end point.


Made text crisper on card supporting non power of two textures
Peformance tweaks on arrow drawing
Enabled psyco on capable machines (release version accidnetly had it disabled!)
Made arrows in preview mode (select level) thinner.
Fixed crash with level selection on 64 bit systems.

Competition release version


Home Page:


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Disk Field - 1.01 - Sep 25, 2007
Disk Field - 1.0 - Sep 10, 2007 account Comments

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April 2, 2009 11:53am - Evan Kroske - nickname: (evankroske) - 4/5
This game makes my brain hurt... Thankfully, the retro music helps to soothe my melted synapses.
February 13, 2009 2:34pm - Fernando Ramallo - nickname: (redfox) - 4/5
Very good game, nice concept and gameplay. Nice level design too.
Although I stopped playing at level 15, since the level was the same as before, only more difficult. I would've liked new levels.
Very good work.
October 7, 2008 7:31pm - Armando - nickname: (artofdeath23) - 5/5
Very nice game man, it is very addictive!
September 16, 2008 2:11pm - PhonSiE - nickname: (phonsie) - 5/5
addicting, creative, challenging, perfect!
August 23, 2008 3:54pm - Hank Mclaughlin - nickname: (akake) - 5/5
This is an awesome game. Addictive, fluid, and very original! :D
March 29, 2008 9:03pm - Jason Altekruse - nickname: (linuxn00b) - 5/5
This game is great. The controls are fluid and it is very addictive. Great Job!
December 30, 2007 5:58am - Roman Akulov - nickname: (shade) - 5/5
Very nice game.
December 1, 2007 3:48pm - pymike - nickname: (pymike) - 5/5
I love this game! I spent a long time playing this. Good work!

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