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Galcon - 1.3.1

Phil Hassey (phil)



Galcon was originally created for the April 2006 Ludum Dare competition. It won the contest with first places in four categories and second place in the fifth.

The game was developed over the six months after the LD competition. It now includes 7 different computer opponents, network play, much improved graphics, etc.

Galcon uses pygame, pgu, and pyplus to create some swig extensions for the graphically intense parts of the game.


Announcing Galcon 1.3.0 - with the new mods system completed! This release includes the classic Missions, six example mods, and six *amazing* new missions and mods by Galcon users!

- ThirdMissions - A set of Missions by ThirdParty, these missions are geared towards advanced players who want to hone their skills.

- Gnip Nuke - Ever want to just BLOW UP A PLANET? Well, now you can. SirGnip has brought us this great fun new mod! Neutralize planets by the dozen with your nukes!

- Symmetry - Another jewel by ThirdParty - finally, you can play a fair round against the computer and see how you stack up against it. All maps are symetrical, and thus guaranteed to give equal positioning to all players.

- Map Editor - Galcon now includes a map editor, allowing you to try creating your own planet layouts and try them against the computer.

- Gnip Elite - Another one by SirGnip - this one lets you have an "elite fleet" which gets special bonus when attacking planets. Quite fun!

There are a handful of other new mods, so check them out! The best bit is, you won't have to download and install the mods by hand anymore, they are included right in the game under the "Single Player" menu item! Please come to the website and post in the forum and tell SirGnip and ThirdParty thanks for their great mods!


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Galcon - 1.3.2 - Sep 22, 2007
Galcon - 1.3.1 - Jul 7, 2007
Galcon - 1.2.0 - Apr 28, 2007
Galcon - 1.1.4 - Mar 9, 2007
Galcon - 1.1.3 - Feb 2, 2007
Galcon - 1.1.1 - Jan 11, 2007
Galcon - 1.0.8 - Dec 9, 2006 account Comments

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December 6, 2009 2:53pm - Olivia Stephen Malone - nickname: (osm)
this is not the original. my little brother did this. his name's theodore and i am his older sister, olivia. im getting lessons from him on programming, which is a little weird for me, lol.
November 1, 2009 1:46pm - Ondra Musil - nickname: (rivon)
At least you could make a Linux 64bit version when you don't release the sources...
March 23, 2007 3:16pm - Martin Robin Son - nickname: (salopar) - 5/5
i cant stop playing
March 11, 2007 10:24am - Simon Oberhammer - nickname: (simonoberhammer)
great, addictive game... my friends usualy don't play games without HDR/dirctx19/superfeatures, but galcon is charming.. especially the sound fx "boom.. pisch.. pisch..boom" hehe
February 12, 2007 1:32pm - Pirh - nickname: (badgerigar) - 4/5
Great game.
Jeremy, I think the game you're thinking of is Conquest.
February 4, 2007 7:43pm - RB[0] - nickname: (roebros) - 5/5
This is a really good game, especially considering its core was made in 48 hours.

Jeremy, do you mean galactic Konquest?
January 17, 2007 7:49pm - Jeremy Appleyard - nickname: (tga)
The beauty of this game is it's simplicity. The more planets you own the more ships you get - that is the only economy you really need. It's too fast paced for anything more sophisticated.

The concept reminds me very strongly of a game I used to have. I think it was called 'galactic', though I can't find any referances anywhere. It was pretty much the same concept, except it was turn-based, and you couldn't see enemy fighters.
January 17, 2007 12:43pm - Anonymous - nickname: (galgalid) - 5/5
Awesome game! But Joel Stenkvist has a point...
It would be even cooler if you have a lot of different ships to select from,
resources, and so on! That would be great...
I know some players don't like this concept, but why not have 2 versions up?
One with the suggested modifies and one without.
January 12, 2007 5:49pm - Mystex - nickname: (mystex) - 4/5
Great game, but you need something more that you can do, not just attack enemies. Could you maybe have money and you buy your ships, you can buy better ships too. The more planets you own, the more is your income. Or something like that.
December 18, 2006 12:10am - George Gonzalez - nickname: (stoicmonkey) - 4/5
Great game. Did you use the aalines for the ships? They look great.
December 14, 2006 9:57pm - Rade Drmic - nickname: (rade) - 5/5
Yes, very addictive!
December 10, 2006 2:14pm - Ian Patten - nickname: (pygame50) - 5/5
This game is the best! If you have Windows, go to the Windows website link and click Download. Once again, great job! It's very addictive!
December 10, 2006 1:33pm - Infukor - nickname: (pboddie)
When the game tries to import _flock, I get this...

ImportError: .../ld488/ undefined symbol: _Znwj

Any suggestions?

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