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Ice Ice Penguin

Ice Ice Penguin - 1.5.0-final

Sammy Fischer (sammyf70)



A pygame remake of the Sega Dreamcast game "Chu Chu Rocket" featuring Tux. Basically it's multiplayer lemmings, seen from above. Supports keyboard and gamepads for up to four players.

Here are the instructions from the readme.txt


The default controls are set for the french keyboard (AZERTY), so you might need to change them using the in-game menu.




the FIELD CURSOR is controlled by the arrow keys
the CONTROL CURSOR is controlled by the PageUp and PageDown keys. Selection is done using RETURN

YELLOW and GREEN are setup to use PS3 controllers by default.


Special Events last for up to 10 seconds. Events that are not instantaneous (everything but WIPE OUT and SHUFFLE) will be overriden if a new event takes place during the 10 seconds.

PINGUIN MANIA : the spawn rate is increased by 4
BEAR MANIA : only bears and the occasional special penguins are spawned. The spawn rate is decreased by 4
SLOW DOWN : the penguins and bears move at half their normal speed
SPEED UP : the penguins and bears move at twice their normal speed
WIPE OUT : all arrows currently on the field are erased after two seconds. Arrows which should have been erase before that will stay for the full two seconds, arrows set after the event is launched have a standard lifetime. The Event takes place instantly and doesn't last the full 10 seconds.
VIVA LAS VEGAS (SHUFFLE) : all the still available arrows in the lower control panel are replaced randomly. The effect is instantaneous. The Event takes place instantly and doesn't last the full 10 seconds.


while I intend to have integrate a level editor into the game, currently the only way to create new levels is by using a text editor.
Copy one of the files with the extension ".iip" in the directory "lvls", and open the file in your favourite text editor. You'll see something like this :


The dots (.) are empty fields.
'1','2','3' and '4' are the player's target. (1 is blue, 2 is red, 3 is yellow, 4 is green)
'S' are start igloos
'#' are walls

Set your keyboard to REPLACING mode (tap the INSERT key once) and modify the level. You can add any comments you like after the last line of the actual level. When editing, be carefull not to have any trailing spaces on any lines of the level. (see the Known Issues) Save the file, rename it to anything you like, except "RANDOM.iip", and keep the extension .iip, and restart the game. It should now appear in the list of available level and will eventually appear when using the RANDOM level selector.

If you create cool levels you'd like to be included in future releases of Ice Ice Penguin or a possible level pack, you're welcome to mail them to me ([email protected]), stating that you give me permission to publish them with the game.


That's a Freeze, Folks! No more changes to the game itself from now on. (the online part had to be dropped due to performances issues. sorry:(

  • added the BEAR MANIA and SHUFFLE events.
  • added the PEGUIN MANIA and WIPE OUT events
  • added the BULLET TIME and SUPERSONIC MADNESS events
  • added the special event announcements
  • special penguins are now spawned from time to time. They don't do anything so far, except looking slightly different
  • removed some of the more annoying globals
  • rendered better bears (they look like furry froggers:/
  • changed the default controls for RED so that they are mapped to the cursor keys and RETURN so that people can instinctively navigate through the menu without having to check the keys in the readme first. sorry for the inconvenience.
  • fixed a particularly nasty bug which deleted penguins (and bears) randomly.
  • added ugly looking bears (they aren't THAT ugly looking normally, but seen from above they look like transformers :/
  • added a blinking of the controlfield for the last 3 seconds before they disappear. (originally, this would be 1.0.0, but suffering from AFC right now .. Acute Feature-Creepinitis)
  • added the timer warnings (1', 30", 3",2",1")
  • added the Sudden Death warning and check
  • added sounds for the timer warnings and the Sudden Death event
  • zipped the archive instead of tar.gz, as windows user were complaining.
  • modified the HOME environment check for windows (thanks to Ashy for that part)
  • added support for JOY-HAT (again thanks to Ashy for helping with debugging)
  • changed the menu controls so that the actual game controls are used instead of arbitrary keys
  • returning from the scores page is now done either using ESCAPE or one of the USE keys/buttons
  • added the scores
  • fixed the lag-induced overshooting by penguins
  • added the ability to change the level used
  • added a virtual RANDOM level which chooses a randomly one of the available levels
  • added the ability to have multiple startfields
  • created a second level called "Big Roundabout", using multiple startfields
  • added multi-lingual support for the menues (poorly, but it works)
  • fixed a bug which crashed the game if more than one pinguin was hitting a target in the same frame (thanks to Ashy for finding and helping me debug this one)
  • changed the rate of spawn to 250 millisecond (from 500), and move the variable initialization to the globals at the start
  • modified loadLevel so that levels can now have arbitrary names.
  • converted the music to ogg
  • disabled the debug output
  • initial release


Home Page:


click to view original size


Ice Ice Penguin - 1.5.0-final - Nov 18, 2008 account Comments

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November 20, 2008 12:07pm - Sammy Fischer - nickname: (sammyf70)

Concerning the names : sorry. These were the first .deb/.rpms I created, and I spent over an hour trying to find why dpkg-buildpackage wouldn't work until I figured out that it just hates spaces instead of tabs.
I'll rename everything accordingly for the next release.
November 20, 2008 12:05pm - Sammy Fischer - nickname: (sammyf70)
To change the controls, select OPTIONS->CONTROLS then whichever player controls you want to change, and then which control. press the new key/button/axis et voila.
November 20, 2008 7:13am - nitrofurano - nickname: (nitrofurano) - 5/5
the downloadable .deb at sourceforge could be ..._all.deb and not ..._i386.deb - since it's a .py script - i'm using amd64 and couldn't install it directly from gDebI - i needed to create a tarball and install from there...

another question: how can i configure the keys? i think it's perfectly possible of 4 players playing it on one keyboard, like up-down-left-right, w-s-a-d, t-g-f-h, and i-k-j-l

anyway, i voted '5' for this game! =)
November 15, 2008 2:59pm - Sammy Fischer - nickname: (sammyf70)
Looks like there have been a problem when I uploaded 1.0.2, and nobody could download it. That should be fixed
Sorry about the inconvenience
November 5, 2008 3:50pm - Ashy - nickname: (ashy)
Looks nice and its fun to play, could do with some AI players for people that have no friends ;)
November 4, 2008 9:20pm - Sammy Fischer - nickname: (sammyf70)
Watching the election on the side, so completely forgot to add : Thanks for the comment :)
November 4, 2008 9:18pm - Sammy Fischer - nickname: (sammyf70)
Online Multiplayer is planned ... once the offline game has all the features I want to add. Considering how much I've been writing lately, it might happen sooner than I expected though :D
November 4, 2008 8:38pm - Anonymous - nickname: (pywiz32)
looks great! i'd bet you would be able to make this a multiplayer online game. I will be posting a simple demo on how to do so in the following month some time.

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