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Mech Revolution

Mech Revolution - 1.0

patrick mullen (saluk)



This was my first pyweek entry, and I think it's probably still my best. I can actually sit and play it for a while before getting bored. It's definitely showing it's age now, but the amount we were able to get done in a week is still amazing to me. The missing features really hurt the game a lot, namely the forced tutorial and the inability to save the game. Pathfinding is somewhat slow, and the sound effects are a tad annoying as well (a pyweek staple for me). The missions are fairly well balanced, but it takes too long to kill most of the enemies, so the game can drag on a bit. The story is pretty entertaining though, the the mission scripting works pretty well. There is a very nice strategy rpg core to be found here that could go a long way if I put some effort into it. (Site down, will either put it back up or put up a mirror for the archive soon)


Ah my first pyweek game. A shame the links vanished. Well now that is solved.


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