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Opioid2D - alpha 6 patch 2

Sami Hangaslammi (shang)



Opioid2D is an C++ extension for Python for creating 2D games. It aims to provide a very high level interface (similar to pygext), allowing the developer to setup sprites and control them via "actions" without having to manipulate each sprite manually for each screen update. All the low level functionality is handled in C++ code, so you can get good performance even with a large number of objects. Opioid2D uses OpenGL for rendering, but no OpenGL knowledge is needed in part of the programmer.


A couple of crash-bug fixes for the alpha 6.


Home Page:


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Opioid2D - alpha 6 patch 2 - Aug 16, 2007
Opioid2D - alpha 6 - Jul 16, 2007 account Comments

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February 22, 2011 1:25pm - Ivan DelSol - nickname: (sunspider) - 5/5
This disappeared from the web years ago, but I've been using it. I put up a new version at
I could never get in touch with the author, so I guess I'm the maintainer now.
April 9, 2008 1:39am - Ivan DelSol - nickname: (sunspider) - 4/5
This is super awesome. Can't wait for it to get stable... but it's already totally usable. Powerful. Fast. Very clever features.
A bit of a trick for me to get working, as a beginner, but well worth it.
July 17, 2007 6:33am - Claudio Canepa - nickname: (claxo)
Very interesting !!
Any posibility of an alternate dump for the documentation, say one big html page with a sections links at the top ?

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