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PY3D1-pyode - 1.0

Jess Hill (jestermon)



A port of the classical pyode double pendulum example scripted to work with the pyggel opengl library


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PY3D1-pyode - 1.0 - Apr 4, 2009 account Comments

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April 6, 2009 9:09am - RB[0] - nickname: (roebros)
Erm, ok, so I forgot the email, sorry :S

roebros <at> gmail <dot> com
April 6, 2009 8:36am - RB[0] - nickname: (roebros)

If you could just send me an email so I can add you, I'll get you up shortly :)
April 6, 2009 1:11am - Jess Hill - nickname: (jestermon)
Sure, you may add the project to the official pyggel release with pleasure. I have a few game models (frameworks) I am scripting around the PyOde engine, using pyggel as a base. There will be few 3D game releases soon, Happy to contribute to the fun. Access to the SVN would be welcome.
April 4, 2009 4:20pm - RB[0] - nickname: (roebros) - 5/5
Woah, nice!
When I uncapped the fps it was running at 150-250 fps, which is pretty good for my computer.

Would you be interested in having this added as a tutorial in the official PYGGEL release?
Also, there is a (long-standing) TODO task of integrating ODE into PYGGEL, if you are interested I can add you to the GoogleCode project so you can access the SVN.


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