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PixelPerfect - 1.0

John Eriksson (wmjoers)



A simple pure python implementation of an pixel perfect collision detection algorithm.

When starting the example 200 sprites is added to the screen at random locations. You can then move a larger blue sprite around by using the arrow keys or by using the mouse. Press spacebar to toggle between the pixelperfect-algorithm and the regular rectangle based one.

Whenever a hit is detect it is indicated by the BOOOM! text.

There is a bug in the current PyGame release that prevents this example from working. But if you check out the latest PyGame version from CVS it should work just fine!


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PixelPerfect - 1.0 - Mar 2, 2006 account Comments

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January 18, 2009 8:16pm - Salvatore Han - nickname: (eluem) - 5/5
This works really well, I don't see why it hasn't been made part of the pygame library...

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