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PyBu - 0.1.3

Sam Sieber (killersquierl)



The long name is PyGameBuilder. It's meant to replicate the object and event system found in Game Maker, except it's written in python. It has no gui at this point. Sound and timers aren't implemented. PyBu has a main loop which handles all the events generated. Event handlers are bound to those events. Events include keyboard events and collision events at this point. Events are only generated if there is an event handler bound to them. The way to use it is to extend the main classes of PyBu_Object and PyBu_Slice. Animations are defined in text files (it's really lame at this point.) The main controller is also meant to be extended. A small *useless* example is included (I wouldn't call it a game) I plan to extend it with sound support, better structure for loading the initial rooms, and various other things. I plan on using it to build an RPG, but any code specific to that will be it's own project. It is licensed under the LGPLv3.


Alarm and Alarm Event Manager implemented! Also, a small fix to collision checking and a slightly expanded example using alarms. Alarms have been tested and don't seem buggy........ No more releases for a while because I'm going on a canoeing trip for about a week and a half.


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PyBu - 0.1.3 - Jul 16, 2008
PyBu - 0.1.2 - Jul 15, 2008
PyBu - 0.1.1 - Jul 14, 2008 account Comments

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September 15, 2008 7:15pm - Shawn - nickname: (kiwi) - 4/5
great idea, i'll keep an eye on it. I am used to GM so the system should be very useful to me.

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