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PyORPG - 0.3.2

Marcus Møller (marcus)



An ORPG engine based on Mirage Source. It is written in Python, PyGame and Twisted. Currently being developed. Please do help out by forking the project at GitHub and do pull requests!


Spells! All spells have animations and use spritesheets for animation. An example The sprite animations are currently borrowed from the original Mirage Source project. There are currently 5 types of spells which can be used for creating your own spells in the in-game spell editor. These are: Add HP - adds a specified amount of HP to the target Add MP - adds a specified amount of MP (mana) to the target Remove HP - removes a specified amount of HP from the target Remove MP - removes a specified amount of MP from the target Give item - gives the caster a specified item. This will be useful for conjuring items such as bread etc. (like the Mage spell in World of Warcraft) [b]Targetting[/b] Another focus has been targetting. Players can now target NPCs and other players by clicking on them using the mouse. This will add a hovering arrow to highlight which player/NPC is currently targeted.


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PyORPG - 0.3.3 - Nov 6, 2013
PyORPG - 0.3.2 - Oct 20, 2013
PyORPG - 0.3.1 - Aug 27, 2013
PyORPG - 0.3.0 - Aug 24, 2013 account Comments

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