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Pygame SGE - 0.5.1

Julian Marchant (onpon4)



The Stellar Game Engine (abbreviated "SGE", pronounced as "Sage") is a free 2-D game engine. The purpose of the SGE is to make game development easier, which allows more rapid development by experienced game developers and also helps less experienced game developers learn how to develop games.

The Pygame SGE is an implementation of the SGE in Pygame, obviously. It is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The link given here is for Python 3 only. If you use Python 2, you can find a Python 2-compatible version on the home page.


Fixes a bug where valid images weren't found.


Home Page:


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Pygame SGE - 0.8.0 - Mar 21, 2014
Pygame SGE - 0.7.0 - Mar 18, 2014
Pygame SGE - 0.6.0 - Feb 7, 2014
Pygame SGE - 0.5.1 - Nov 8, 2013
Pygame SGE - 0.5.0 - Nov 7, 2013 account Comments

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