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Pygame Window Info - 0.1

Eric Pavey (akeric)



I needed a way to be able to query the position of the active Pygame screen relative to the desktop. There didn’t seem to be any built-in way in Pygame to do this(?) After doing some searching, I ran across Python’s ctypes bindings. These let you tap into Windows (the OS) ‘window info’. Based on fiddling with that code, I’ve come up with a Python class that lets you query a few things:

  • The extents of the active Pygame *window* relative to the desktop: top, bottom, left, and right coordinates.
  • The extents of the active Pygame *screen inside that window*, relative to the desktop: top, bottom, left, and right coordinates.
  • The width of the window border edges, and the title bar.

The source code comes with unit test allowing immediate execution from shell showcasing functionality, and example usage. Tested with Pygame 1.9.1 and Python 2.6.2. Windows OS only


Home Page:


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