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Python Defender 2

Python Defender 2 - 0.04

Erik Martin (neccarus)



I have learned a lot over the past months, and am applying what I have learned, to the creation of this game. So far there isn't a whole lot to do, but I have basic movement set up. All the menus will be custom made, primarily to suit my purposes. I currently have plans for 10 different playable ships that the player will unlock as the proceed through the game. Along with that, there will also be different types of equipment the player can attach to the ship, I am hoping to implement a tuning system of sorts, where the player can actually modify the different attributes of the equipment once it is on their ship. There is still a lot for me to work on, and I have plans of moving more of the code into class's and methods.


Added drones. The player may equip them just like equipment, in the equipment menu. They have their own AI, and will attack enemies until they explode... Along with that, I made another mess in the main() method, and more bugs have shiped with the drones (yay). I have plans to fix the main method up so it looks much cleaner, along with playing around with drones til they behave the way I want them to. Enjoy


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Python Defender 2 - 0.10 - Jan 6, 2013
Python Defender 2 - 0.04 - Nov 23, 2012
Python Defender 2 - 0.03 - Nov 18, 2012
Python Defender 2 - 0.02 - Nov 17, 2012
Python Defender 2 - 0.01 - Nov 16, 2012 account Comments

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