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Ringtale - 2009.9.23

Kris Schnee (snow)



A simple framework for managing multiple states of a game. You define states representing things like a title screen, main screen, and inventory screen, then "push" and "pop" states to easily switch between them. Make your game a subclass of ringtale.Framework. Define a state called "Spam" by defining functions "SpamSetup", "SpamLogic" and "SpamDraw". Now call your_game_object.PushState("Spam"), then your_game.MainLoop(). It'll automatically call the Logic and Draw functions in sequence, with the ability to push/pop additional states. Contains two demos and the option to add keyboard- and mouse-handler objects. Works with Pygame's sound system to handle looping music.


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Ringtale - 2009.9.23 - Sep 26, 2009 account Comments

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October 16, 2009 3:46am - Ashley - nickname: (ropable) - 5/5
Very very useful to me (Pygame noob admittedly). Thanks for releasing this (along with Driftwood, etc).

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