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Riots Game

Riots Game - 1.2.0

Anderson (tumor)



It has some texts in spanish but it's playable... The game started to be edited in March 2010. It is about one demonstrator who has a lot of Molotov cocktails. There aren't any levels, there is only one level of difficulty, you have endless ammunition and there are also continuous police charges. The game has no particular goal but to have a good time and relax.


It's now abailable the new version! For download, click the link below


Home Page:


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Riots Game - 1.2.0 - Jun 12, 2010
Riots Game - 1.1.0 - Jun 6, 2010 account Comments

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March 31, 2011 6:30am - sugardrunk - nickname: (sugardrunk)
you can contact me: sugardrunk[at]hear[dot]fi
March 27, 2011 7:50am - sugardrunk - nickname: (sugardrunk)
I realize you have no license for this? Can I just go ahead and use some of your code as a base for my project? I hope so :)
March 23, 2011 11:11am - sugardrunk - nickname: (sugardrunk)
How can I contact you? Please provide mail or irc nick?
I wish to make something a bit different out of this.
June 22, 2010 8:14pm - Clint Mendola - nickname: (nematode)
I love the music that plays when you lose burn yourself!
June 12, 2010 5:28pm - Chandler Armstrong - nickname: (omnirizon)
the non-ingame graphics image is very annoying (not the image itself, but the fact that it is not from in-game graphics).
June 11, 2010 7:40am - Anderson - nickname: (tumor)
you have to press Tab to begin
June 10, 2010 10:05pm - Zadok Regex - nickname: (blacklemon67)
erm. I can't get past the start screen. What do I do?
June 8, 2010 11:35am - Donpachi - nickname: (donpachi)
Oh, so it actually was a game. Pretty funny too, though I'd adjust the ratio of reload time vs policemen to a more action-oriented stance. If the guy could move while reloading, then it would be too easy, but if there were more policemen to counteract this...

I think a lot more people would have understood this was a game immediately if you linked the dropbox link into the source link available at the project details.
June 7, 2010 1:16pm - Donpachi - nickname: (donpachi)
I'm not sure what this is. Maybe if you described it in a lot more detail I could click the link.
June 7, 2010 4:48am - Anderson - nickname: (tumor) - 5/5
It is assumed that this page is to upload your project...
June 6, 2010 1:32pm - Anonymous - nickname: (pywiz32)
Please don't use this site to advertise your own, or at least provide a way to download the game. Also, please post in-game graphics as an image. Though, I don't speak Spanish, and if I am wrong, please correct me.
June 6, 2010 12:47pm - nezbo - nickname: (nezbo)
if that's ingame graphics, thumbs up ;-)

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