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SAP - Simple Audio Player Stop, play, pause, and next. No playlists, no menues, no album art ... you can't even pick the next song. SAP simply loads all files of the wanted types into a list, then randomly picks one for playing. Written to be a simple, random music player, that takes as little space and CPU as possible. View the README for more info, and config instructions. My first semi-finished project, was trying to use this to get my feet wet in PyGame, and get back into Python after a decade or so. Criticize away! =oD


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January 4, 2009 11:10pm - Gary Bourgeois - nickname: (bummer)
Thanks for the ideas =o)

Question, though ... as far as embedding the graphics, do you mean drawing them within pygame itself (pygame.draw) as opposed to loading images?
December 29, 2008 6:41am - anatoly techtonik - nickname: (techtonik) - 5/5
Great idea! The things that upset me though:
* music path is hardcoded - I expect it to play directory where it was executed right away if nothing else is supplied in command line
* it can not detect where its data files are if executed from different directory
* it can be made a single script with embedded graphics
* license - I can see the day when I have to rewrite this stuff to be more open to be included in some game =)

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