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Slopy Platforming

Slopy Platforming - 0.1

Sean J McKiernan (mekire)




This is a simple scrolling platformer that allows the player to move on sloped surfaces. It is a work in progress and the collision detection is currently a bit over-complicated.

I hope to simplify the logic and expand it to allow other standard platforming elements like moving platforms. I also need to generalize it to work with screen dimensions and tile sets of varying sizes.


To run:

The repo contains both the working program and a simple map editor, run with and respectively.  Simply download the repo as a zip or clone the repository.



  • Game:
    • Left and right to move.
    • Spacebar to jump (release early to cut jump short)
  • Map Editor:
    • Left mouse button to select and place tiles.
    • Right mouse button to delete tiles.
    • Arrow keys to pan map.
    • CTRL+S and CTRL+L to save and load.



Code still needs to be simplified.  Speed while on slopes needs to decrease proportionately.  Code needs to be generalized (magic numbers removed). 



The game should run with python 2.x and 3.x.  The map editor requires wx python and will only run on 2.x.



Home Page:


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