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Space Pyrates

Space Pyrates - 0.5

Max Power (paolo)



Space Pyrates is a strategy game where you try to conquer the galaxy. Your planets produce ships, and with these ships you attack neutral planets or the planets of your enemies.


the AI is pretty simple by now.
there's no options-menu yet.
there's no win/lose-screen yet
there are still some bugs, don't click on empty space :)

there a some command-line options:

--galaxy x y p

start with a x*y-sized galaxy and p neutral planets

--grid x

use grid style number x. There are 8 different styles (0-7).


show some debug-messages


Home Page:


click to view original size


Space Pyrates - 0.5 - May 21, 2009 account Comments

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October 24, 2009 3:42pm - Jared - nickname: (jabapyth) - 3/5
well done. nice graphics
June 30, 2009 2:16pm - BlueTornado - nickname: (tornado) - 5/5
Nice.... But, how can I compile it, so I can play the game? No exe files? Well, i am new on python, so please, what can I do??
May 23, 2009 9:15pm - Ben - nickname: (soggywaffles) - 4/5
Fun game. Would be nice to be able to see who's ships where at each planet, or at least how many you have at each enemy or neutral one.

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