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Spaceace - 1.4

chavdar (chabuduo)



A small game made to teach myself some pygame concepts.


arrow keys to move

right arrow to start or quit game

f - to fire

s - speed and shields

**Executable made by this tutorial:

written in python 2.7 with pygame.

compressed with 7zip.

** If you have a cool idea for a ship, you can replace the PNG file 'ship.png' with another PNG image (has to be PNG format) and maybe share if you want.

*** You can edit the highscore in the .txt file 'high_score.txt' (current one is mine)


Home Page:


click to view original size


Spaceace - 1.4 - Sep 14, 2012 account Comments

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November 4, 2012 10:28pm - chavdar - nickname: (chabuduo)
Hey cheers mieze, i fixed it(or at least i think so O.O)
it didn't work before. I'm such a noob :D oh well
October 20, 2012 6:58pm - miezebieze - nickname: (mieze)
I'd totally love to try it, but the file does not want to execute. '*.exe'? Never seen anything like that. Perhaps include the source code? If it's hideous, just get a so called 'pretty printer', which will make it PEP8 conform.
Btw: Did You already notice, the g-code repo is called 'apaceage'? ;3
September 14, 2012 5:41pm - chavdar - nickname: (chabuduo)
Thanks for the advise,i was wondering what is a good place to upload. I'will try google code
September 14, 2012 3:19pm - mrnannings - nickname: (mrnannings)
megafileupload is very slow, host it somewhere else like dropbox or

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