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Spacefalling - 1.2

Björn Meusburger (vertganti)



You steer a spaceship on the bottom of the screen and try to destroy the falling ufos before they hit you or the earth. If you survive a wave of ufos, you will encounter the Boss, the game gets harder each time you defeat him. Featuring single player and coop mode, music and (not very good) sounds, 20 spaceship designs as well as local highscores. The game is free for you to use, change and distribute as long as its for free and you refer to this site as the original source. Open to start the game. In menu use left/right arrow key for player one to choose ship, and a/s key for player two. Use up/down to choose menu option and space to confirm. In game player one uses left/right to steer and up to shoot, player two uses a/d to steer and w to shoot.


- Added bars that show how long the shield lasts. The bar for player one's shield is at the left beneath the life display, the bar for player two's shield is at the right at the same height.; - New initial highscores set; - (sp) or (mp) will be added to each new highscore after the entered name. (sp) if the score was reached in single player mode, (mp) if it was reached in multiplayer mode.; - removed unnecessary and old debugging print commands; - removed unused images; - background music is now optional, if the file is missing the game will start without music. reason is the reduction of the download's size. - To play with music, download the mp3-file from "", rename it to "2DPolygon-Starlight.mp3" and place it in the game's main folder.


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Spacefalling - 1.2 - Jul 17, 2012
Spacefalling - 1.1 - Jul 23, 2011
Spacefalling - 1.0 - Jun 22, 2011 account Comments

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July 23, 2011 4:50pm - Maxime - nickname: (spacemax) - 3/5
It's damage than we can't shoot in the same time the ship is moving. See SpaceMax in the class Vaisseau.update to see how i do it.

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