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Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival

Mayec Rancel (mayec)



Proof of concept for a project idea I have.


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February 26, 2010 5:02pm - Mayec Rancel - nickname: (mayec)
Thank you for the comment Neil! It gave quite a boost to my motivation. I am already restructuring all the code in a much modular way (based on an MVC structure, wich will hopefully make it much easier to maintain and expand).

I will also do a serious check to the mouse issue, wich I was not aware of.
February 21, 2010 2:07pm - Neil Maguire Drummond - nickname: (prsn828) - 3/5
I tried it out.

It has a really good concept, and you seem to know where you want it to go, but you definitely need to use some modules. I'd say for every class you have (Zombie, Human, etc.) you should probably have a separate file.

Also, it seemed to screw with the mouse while it was running. As a general standard for coding, it's usually best not to directly modify or control any input devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.). It'd be better to only change how the mouse works while it is inside of the game window.

Keep up the good work, this little experiment of yours could become pretty popular I think.

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