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epMEDIA - 0.4

Tobias Duehr (natasbordello)



epMEDIA is mainly a very basic graphical filebrowser with the built-in ability to play musicfiles (playlists as well) and show pictures. Other functions and filetypes (e.g. videos, roms) can be handled through other applications (e.g. ZSNES for snes-roms). It's supposed to run on TV-Screens (800x600) on not so powerful PC's. epMEDIA runs pretty fast on smaller CPU's (like the Via C3) because it's not that featureful. Cheap trick. No TV, no programguide, not even weatherforecast. Faster startup. Anyways, if you need that features and got a fast pc, epMEDIA may not be your first choice. It's mainly an audio-jukebox.


Changed scrollstyle, which speeds the program feeled 200% up. added a sidemenu. changed configfile and themefiles to xml. replaced all themes with Inkscape graphics (sources included) Removed Bugs related to empty directories.


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epMEDIA - 0.4 - Sep 30, 2006
epMEDIA - 0.3 - May 11, 2006
epMEDIA - 0.2 - Apr 17, 2006
epMEDIA - 0.1 - Apr 9, 2006 account Comments

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