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pyReflex - 1.01

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A mouse accuracy game based on pygame. This is a remake of the popular Reflex ( that I made to improve my python skills. Hit ordinary targets with left mouse button for points. Red targets can be shot with right mouse button. Leave 5 targets alive within a round and lose the game.


- Improved compartibility with older python versions - Order of targets checking for mouse hit is reversed, so that the one that blits last is checked first.


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pyReflex - 1.01 - Jul 26, 2009
pyReflex - 1.0 - Jul 25, 2009 account Comments

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July 26, 2009 4:40am - Kevin - nickname: (jach)
Nice one, I too think I like yours better. I also have a bug, but it's because I'm running Python 2.5 instead of Python 2.6+. You're using the "with" keyword, so you need to add "from __future__ import with_statement" at the top of the file.
July 25, 2009 8:36pm - Clayton G. Hobbs - nickname: (ratfink) - 4/5
Really fun game. After playing yours, I tried the original one. I think I like yours more. Very fun and challenging. However, I noticed a bug. If there are two targets overlapping and you click on a spot in both, it destroys the one on the bottom. I would expect it to destroy the one on the top, since it is presumably closer to the player.

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