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pygame-blender converter - 0.1.1

Peter Rogers (petros)



This script lets you "auto render" a scene you've created using Blender, and include those animations in a pygame application. The 3D model is rendered as a "appearance", stored in a series of XML files and PNG images. This is basically the overall shape of an object, viewed from different directions as it performs various actions.

Examples include a spooky dungeon scene, and a character performing a run and walk cycle. A space shooter is also included, showing how to make use of blender particle systems for nice effects.

The script tends to be a bit picky about things, and will take some polishing before it's finished. So send your feedback please!


Fixed some problems with running the script under windows. Cleaned up the code a bit - better error handling.


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pygame-blender converter - 0.1.1 - Apr 14, 2007
pygame-blender converter - 0.1.0 - Apr 10, 2007
pygame-blender converter - 0.0.1 - Nov 13, 2006 account Comments

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April 17, 2007 8:56am - Shiroku - nickname: (shiroku)
very interesting!

(It works perfectly on Kubuntu Linux with an old graphic card)
December 1, 2006 2:41pm - GIna yahoo - nickname: (gina)
I downloaded the game Conspiracy in Fairport. A very interesting game...but
i was wondering who is the victim, and how killed the victim. I've tired to
compare the finger prints and all tired to do the calculation. But it seems
that i can't get. Would it be possible if you can help to solve the problem.
Please e-mail at [email protected] Thanks



November 13, 2006 6:04pm - Rene Dudfield - nickname: (illume) - 5/5
So good. I've just tried the examples so far, and they are cool.
A great way to make some pretty 3d looking games.

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