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Extinguished - 0.3

Paul Paterson (paulpaterson)



A real-time strategy game where you control firemen to rescue people from burning buildings.

Battle against time and a raging fire to carry unconscious people from a burning building. Use your firemen to rescue or to hold back the fire at strategic points. Beware of dangerous chemicals which will explode and spread the fire, blocking your exit.

Python 2.7 and requires PyOpenGL and NetworkX.

OpenGL rendering is used for the fire effects and is done in the background. I hope to make a developer video shortly to go over some of the details of the implementation.

3D Rendering is all done ahead of time in Google Sketchup.

NEW Video shows new v0.4 gameplay features: doors and electrical conduits


Start Screen Level Selection The fire burns! Heat Sensitive Goggles

Use the "Help" screen or the "Tutorial" level to get the hang of the controls.

Click on a firemen and select:

  • "Go To" to send the fireman to a particular place
  • "Rescue" to go to pick up a particular body
  • "Drop" to drop the body being carried
  • "Protect" to use the hose to spray water to delay the fire
  • Changes

    New in v0.3

    • Added new Level ("Church")
    • Simplified by removing the fireman menu.
    • Actions are now context sensitive single clicks
    • Simplified displays to merge temperature and water display into one
    • Firemen using the hose will use it intelligently to water the hottest area
    • Added visual effect to show the fireman is using the hose
    • Animated background for the level select screen
    • Added tooltip for saved/dead bodies on the HUD
    • When people die they now leave a burnt corpse
    • Explosions now leave the exploded material burning for a while afterwards
    • Explosions cause additional damage to the floor
    • Fixed bug which where changing the body being saved would prevent the original body from being saved by anyone else


    Home Page:


    click to view original size


    Extinguished - 0.4 - Feb 3, 2013
    Extinguished - 0.3 - Jan 19, 2013
    Extinguished - 0.2 - Jan 2, 2013
    Extinguished - 0.1 - Dec 15, 2012 account Comments

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