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Python OS 6

Python OS 6 - 1.2-beta1

Adam Furman (afurman)



Python OS 6 is the best way to create dynamic, rich applications for your touchscreen projects.

It is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi with a 320x240 touchscreen attached. It includes a complete GUI toolkit including events, callbacks, and threads. Python OS also comes with several applications as well as the ability to install more using the Software app.
On the Pi, it works with python-wifi to connect to the Internet.

Support the development of this platform by making a donation in any amount. You may choose to enter your name (or username) on the donation screen and it will be added to the About app. Thank you!


This release is a major release which brings a host of new features. Most importantly, Python OS supports multiple display sizes, and ships with 320x480 by default. This is a setting that can be changed in the `res/settings.json` file. This change was facilitated by the introduction of computed Component dimensions. There are also notable improvements to performance, as well as some minor tweaks to design. Several longstanding bugs have been fixed.


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Python OS 6 - 1.2-beta1 - Dec 8, 2016
Python OS 6 - v1.01 - Jul 29, 2016
Python OS 6 - 1.0 - Jul 3, 2016
Python OS 6 - 1.0-beta3 - Jun 25, 2016
Python OS 6 - 1.0-beta2 - Feb 27, 2016
Python OS 6 - 1.0-beta1 - Feb 24, 2016 account Comments

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