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Flash Cards
A little program for flash card practice.
A visualizer for geographic locations.
Pygame Networked Table Top
Application for playing tabletop games (cards, simple board games, other tabletop games) over the network. Flexible support of several game modes sitting on top of the core application. More of an exercise in GUI and networking than anything else.
Rubiks Cube
Program for looking of solutions of the Rubik's Cube
Slide Rule
A simple slide rule program
Map Editor
A user-friendly method of making 3D texture-mapped maps.
This is JoyWM, a GUI written in pygame. JoyWM can be controlled with a joystick (or a keyboard if no joystick is present).
ShareLAN: create your pictures from your webcamera or own pictures (create japanese purikura, love ad, friendship ad) and share it with the rest of the world in few clicks.
Physical therapy routine generator and reader
Comic Book Reader
a Comic Book Reader for .cbr and .cbz files
A music player developed with pygame.
Flowchart Python
Create flowcharts and compile them to python byte-code.
pygame-blender converter
A script for encorporating Blender created graphics in Pygame applications.
Multiplayer game platform.
Simple mame frontend. It's primary target is to use it for mame cabinets.
epMEDIA is a multimedia-jukebox application with the ability of playing nearly all audiofiles through sdl_mixer or pySonic and launching extern applications. epMEDIA was programed for TV-Screens and not-so-powerful PC's.
Eternal Lands Map Viewer
A presentation tool for giving talks with a cool geeky toy.
A neat little script that allows you to control iTunes with a mouse.
A comic book reader
PyZX is ZX Spectrum computer emulator, written fully in Python.
Simulation of large fire
Bruce, the Presentation Tool
For creating projected presentations.
pyArcade is an emulator front-end written in python using pygame.

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