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Pathfinding Experiment
Demo program to test a pathfinding algorithm for a map with hexagonal tiles
A 3d software rendering experiment - texture mapped, "lit" polygons, with translation, rotation, and texture scrolling
FPS test
3d First-Person-Shooter test. Three levels. Requires Psyco. Created using pyggel, a 3d game engine.
Python implementation of the boids algorithm.
A star-field demo effect with mouse interaction and motion blur
Mario Shell Defense
A Pygame learning experience for me. Simple (very simple) platform game. Mario shoots fireballs at oncoming Koopa shells. Run using
Rect Collision Response
A simple demo on how to do side-based rect collision response.
Mango 64 - Experimental
A 3D platformer with only 3 levels.
Lines Simulation
A simple line simulation, based on the Mystify screen saver up to windows xp.
Bezier Loop
A python demo with connected bezier curves and a supplied background image.
Try to solve randomly generated mazes.
plasma in python
Plasma demo effect, based on C++ code by Alex Champandard.
A simple library to bind standard input into user-defined actions to be used in PyGame applications.
Uses bitmap data to grow bacteria
demo shadows
source to use shadow map in pyOpenGL using extention.
Eva Demo
two evangelion fighting
Twisted Zombie Playground
A small 'sandbox' type demo, where you can spawn multiple zombies and watch as they chase your avatar around. The demo uses the Pymunk dame dynamics library.
Game Clock demo
Game Clock demonstration
Flycam 3D
A simple example of how to use OpenGL.
3D Lissajous
3D animate Lissajous figures
TheFractalExplorer is a mandelbrot and julia plotter
Small demo to show how to rotate images using a user specified center and how to link images together to act like a JumpingJack. Well...without the physics part.
Fugu path finding demo
A demonstration of a simple path finding algorithm.
Particle Invaders
Particle Effects Demo



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