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The ever-increasing (decreasing?) progression of smaller snakes.
Ray Tracer
Ray Tracer...
Sphere Ray Trace
Ray-tracing on Spheres...
Battle for Planet Vector
For many aeons, the Rigel star system had harbored four planets within its brilliant blue glow. Rigel has just exploded. The inhabitants of Rigel's neighboring system have attacked the weakened planet. You are one ship, and the odds are stacked against you. Your self-assigned mission is to demolish the invasion force to the best of your ability.
Mandelbrot Set Viewer
Zoom in forever...
Color Chooser
Choose a color!
Professor Jenkins left a chunk of Uranium on his desk.
Mandelbrot Set
The Mandelbrot Set graphed in pretty colors.
Make your own parabola!
Pygame Advanced Graphics Library
An all purpose graphics library for easily creating complicated effects quickly, and with a minimum of code.
You're trapped in a room with monsters. How hard could it be?
Vectorpods 2
An Asteroids game made in pygame.
Asteroids 2: The Vector
A vector graphics version of asteroids...
A simple blurring program.
A hexagonal tessellation.
An abstract geometrical space shooter.
3D Rotations
A simulation of 3D rotations using 3 angles!
A snowflake maker! What else is there to say? Well, actually, see the details...
Gravity Situation
What happens when the sun explodes?...
Sphere Collisions
Sphere collisions.
Circle Collisions
A Circle to Circle collision detection algorithm.
Gravity Simulation
A gravity simulator. Just a simple demo.
The Grapher
Graph your favorite functions in this complete Grapher!
3D Wave Interaction Simulator
A 3D version of Wave Interaction Simulator. Synthesize as many waves as you want (or your computer can handle) to make a new one!

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