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A project to create a top_down 2d RPG in the style of a JRPG SNES game. Two nations are at war, and there is a third pirate faction trying to profit off both, ruling the seas. Main character is from one of these 2 factions, or a pirate. Along his journey he will meet 3 other allies that will join him.
Prodigy Hangman 1.0
Prodigy Notepad
A GUI Text Editor Written Using PyGTK.
Prodigy Processor Piano
Processor Piano Is A Useful And Fun Utility For Producing Sounds Using Your PC's Internal Sound Chip Without Speakers
a 2D openGL renderer.
Fabula is an Open Source Python Game Engine suitable for adventure, role-playing and strategy games and digital interactive storytelling.
Click'n'Drag is a hierarchical surface framework for PyGame.
Gummworld2 is a light pygame framework for a scrolling game, where the map is larger than the display. It emphasizes simplicity, freedom, and performance.
PyGame Text Utilities
PyGame Text Utilities is a package that will allow PyGame developers to easily implement text-based systems into their PyGame programs. This includes the formatting and layout of text, advanced text layout, and the ease of creating interactive text functions such as menus and on-screen displays. Text Tools will allow developers to present their users with dialog and information in a systematic and simplified way.
Sprite Movement Towards a Target
An example of sprite movement towards a x,y coordinate
A particle effects library for Pygame
Ragnarok Engine

Ragnarok is a w.i.p. 2D game engine built on top of Pygame.

gfxdraw wrapper to increase backwards compatibility with older versions of pygame.
Library for displaying comics
pyenet - python bindings for the ENet library
A simple, lightweight library for creating and manipulating polar vectors, whether manually or automatically generated.
PodSixNet is a lightweight network layer designed to make it easy to write multiplayer games in Python.
Retro Game Library
A library for creating NES and GameBoy style games.
A fast and flexible Behavior Tree library for AI.
Bounce on the platforms to cross the burning pool of lava! A slip means instant death!
A 2D Library for PyGame and PyOpenGL.
PYGGEL (PYthon Graphical Game Engine and Libraries) is a 3d game development engine, written using Pygame/PyOpenGL.
Python bindings for the OpenVG vector graphics standard (specifically ShivaVG's implementation).
Mastermind Networking Lib
A networking lib designed to be simple to use.

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our projects welcomes all python game, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. If they use pygame or not.
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