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Bunny and Badgers
A Python game with a Bunny and some Badgers
Keyboard controled menu. Writen in one class. 2012-04-08; python 2.7; pygame 1.9.2pre;
Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology
Tygame - GUI Project
The purpose of the tygame library is to allow the use of GUI objects to quickly and simply build GUI while still using the many features that pygame has to offer. It shares a simlar style of coding to tkinter (a python GUI library). Please note that this is still in the early phase of development so there will be bugs. If you find some please notify me on this page.
nested menu
The Fight Time
Simple Pygame Menu
A low-fuss, infinitely nested popup menu for pygame. It don't get no simpler den dis.
This module provides a very simple to use game engine and various stuffs to make a simple GUI for pygame.
Another Module to create a Textmenu
Pygame Dock

An attempt at emulating the Dock menu in Mac OSX.

Simple Pong clone.
A flexible graphical menu in pygame/python for text and/or images
A Tale Of Magick
A 2D top down view rpg. First project with pygame.
Gravitron is a space based game where you must defeat your enemies solely by deflecting their bullets back to them.
Basic Guiu
lang = Esp Basic Guiu es una simple guiu basada en PyGame, esta pensada principalmente para diseñar pequeños y simples menus, para un conjunto mas avanzado se desarrollo el Modulo Frame que puede manejar mas comodamente los elementos como si fuese una ventana.
BMenu 0.1
A more advanced menu for use in PyGame.
Based on a PyMike's original work, a new PyGame library to obtain with minimal coding menu-based interfaces in your games!
Rotating Menu
I liked shr4pnell's idea so I made my own.
Pygame Rotating Menu
This is just a simple Menu for Python which rotates.
Raden's Game Manager library
A simple module to make menus quickly


our projects welcomes all python game, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. If they use pygame or not.
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