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Realtime CPU Cloth
A modest OpenGL demo demonstrating cloth running on the CPU.
BOLLO A TOY FOR THE CREATIVE MIND WITH A LOT OF SPARE TIME BOLLO is a 3D building toy with digital balls. It is about as useful as a box of Lego, but it is great fun to play with. You plug steel balls together to construct anything you can imagine. Bollo uses the pyggel opengl libraries which are included with the game. WARNING: This toy is very addictive.
Gloss is a high-performance graphics wrapper around Pygame that lets you take advantage of OpenGL without having to delve into the murky depths of 3D programming. Gloss lets you build 2D games where you can rotate, scale and recolor sprites on the fly, and also includes a selection of helpful mathematics functions to make the life of games coders easier.
A simple analog clock in pygame, using the pyggel opengl library
Ultra Tank-chan!
Ultra Tank-chan! is a GPLv2ed large-scale multiplayer space-combat-sim in the vein of Volition's FreeSpace series, with influences from Bandai-Namco's Ace Combat games.
A port of the classical pyode double pendulum example scripted to work with the pyggel opengl library
PyCave is a clone of the game SFCave, but with 3D graphics.
Bounce on the platforms to cross the burning pool of lava! A slip means instant death!
Shader OpenGL Library
OpenGL Library implemented with shaders!
A 2D Library for PyGame and PyOpenGL.
PYGGEL (PYthon Graphical Game Engine and Libraries) is a 3d game development engine, written using Pygame/PyOpenGL.
Python bindings for the OpenVG vector graphics standard (specifically ShivaVG's implementation).
PyGame Squirtle Port
Port of Super Effective's Squirtle SVG Library
Realtime Cubic Reflection Mapping
Realtime reflections.
Rubik's Cube Game
3D Rubik's Cube game with "solve" function.
Elements: 2D physics API for the Box2D Engine
Elements is an easy-to-use 2D physics API for the Box2D engine, including renderers for OpenGL, PyGame and Cairo.
Mango 64 - Experimental
A 3D platformer with only 3 levels.
Videojuego cuyo objetivo es trepar por un edificio esquivando las ventanas que se cierran y las macetas que se caen.
Littlest Goddess
An atmospheric platform game.
OpenGL Library (glLib*)
A library to let the paranoid do cool stuff too...
Rising Snowflake
Sidescrolling multiplayer tactical fighting game.
A tiny and simple PyOpenGL3 class library for demos
openGL Accelerated 2D game library with emphasis on built-in game asset editors
A hexagonal tessellation.

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