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My implementation of the classic Snake game.
Achtung 2
Snake like game for 2-7 players. Objective is to outlive your opponents. Poor grafics, but exelent gameplay. (Based heavily on the game Zatacka/Achtung die neue Kurve)
A very simple game of snake in one python file.
snake remake
a simple snake remake as my first pygame project
Go! Snake!
Snake Arcade
Snake Bite
A snake demo.
Simple example of the "snake" game used to start learning pygame and python programming.
A snake game written to be as small as possible.
The ever-increasing (decreasing?) progression of smaller snakes.
A Snake game which aims to be as small in filesize as possible, while retaining fun and playability.
Another snake game just for fun/practice, I got inspired by this other guy to try to make it as compact as possible.
Snake in 35 lines
Snake in 35 lines.
Snake 2006
A new version of the famous Snake

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our projects welcomes all python game, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. If they use pygame or not.
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