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ultimate snake

read description XD

Y Collect And Grow Game

Generic Game engine for creating snake like collect and grow games.

Unbound Snake

A simple snake game.


nibbles like game. much more fun, moves on all directions and jump, can be played with mouse.

Yellow Snake

Nothing special. Just a simple, functional, snake game.

Colorful Snake

Simple Wall-less Snake Game. My first pygame program.


Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology


A simple snake game written in python 3.2.

Python Snake

A really simple 'remake' of "snake"


This is just another python snake game... but it's beautiful!

Snakey Party!

A snakey clone that emphasizes multiple snakes!

S.S. Simple Snake

Extremely simple game to play whenever you are waiting for something or simply bored ( that's why i made it!)


Classical snake concept with relative non-perpendicular movement angle.

Wormy "Snake" Clone

A "snake" clone featured in "Making Games with Python & Pygame"

Snake 1v1

Snake game for 2 players!

Snake Game Beta for windows

I don't know what a summary is