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2d game world and sprite management library


vizier: a package for managing sprites and the screen, provides scrolling, scaling, and collision response.

xrects: a package for polygons. uses the pygame rect as the axis aligned bounding box (AABB), and subclasses the rect to add the polygon object and methods for collision detection.


Click'n'Drag is a hierarchical surface framework for PyGame.


An example code for making a tiled map with animated sprites in PyGame.

Count_down maker

A simple class to make a count down or count up for your game. The class doc string gives all the details


A python lib to load sprites from a spritesheet using a sprite sheet definition file in json format. It includes also a generator for sprite definition files.


planes is a hierarchical surface framework for Pygame, formerly called clickndrag.

A simple countdown / countup for games written in Python/Pygame.

You can use this as a countdown or a timer in your games