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A* algorithm

A* algorithm

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June 20, 2010 6:47am - Mayec Rancel - nickname: (mayec)
I noticed that it lacks the option to avoid diagonal movement when moving around corners. It's easy to add, by adding some if statements inside inspect_adjacent(), to skip inspecting certain diagonals if an adjacent non-diagonal node is impassable.
December 10, 2009 3:52am - Cepheus - nickname: (cepheus)
Hi Fredrik, I'm glad you liked it. I took a look at your optimization and they're great. Your optimization of the code is about as easy to understand as the original code with the added benefit of a major speedup, so I've merged the changes - thanks for your contribution :)
November 7, 2009 2:45pm - Fredrik Corneliusson - nickname: (tomten) - 4/5
I needed this for a game I'm tinkering with and this was one of the cleanest A-Star implementations I found.

However to try and make it a bit more realistic performence wise for my maps I optimize it a bit (but I do not think it hurt readability too much).

With my test map I managed to get a X10 speedup (and a less memory usage by using __slots__ for the node object).

I added my version here:

Feel free to merger the changes if you feel it's appropriate.

Warning: I cannot guarantee I've not broken the algorithm but at least I managed to reproduce the screen shoot.
October 5, 2009 7:37am - Cepheus - nickname: (cepheus)
Aye, it should. I think I'll fix it in the next update.
October 1, 2009 11:45am - Carsten Eggers - nickname: (masterlee)
When pressing enter old values should be removed

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